Stormy Daniels Vs Donald Trump High-priced Panties as victory

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It is commonly known that being chatty with many ladies can raise some disputes especially for the ones from high government officials

as the source of TMZ.Com Stormy Daniels is famous for taking off her underwear — on camera and with Donald Trump, allegedly — but now she’s using her Trump-fueled fame to get women INTO lingerie for a price.

Stormy’s launching her own line of intimates with designer Helen Hoey. They’ll be sold at PULCHRA in Beverly Hills, which should already give you a hint they’ll be high-end. We’re told pieces in the collection will cost over $100 a pop.

The line is being described as “edgy and sophisticated with vintage aesthetics.” Not sure what all that means, but seems like a lot of words for items that won’t be on for very long.

Stormy will slip into the goods, first — she’s set to model in the lingerie campaign.

Source: TMZ.Com

By Fabrice Bizimana

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