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Travelers will always have their appetite rise as they get close to the famous ‘Kuri Nyirangarama’ spot where it is has become a custom for travelers to make a stop over to enjoy the delicious soft drinks and eats while enjoying the best customer service at the joint. At Nyirangarama road users take at least
5 minutes buying ‘Nyirangarama’ brand items to take to their families on their way to visit up country.
Moving to the North Western Rwanda, driving along Kigali-Musanze-Rubavu highway, both private and public vehicles don’t dare to waver making a voluntary stop at the joint.

It is also plain that most of these processed foodstuffs of high quality taste and choice produced in the country are branded ‘Nyirangarama’ as the Trade Mark: best products ‘Made in
Rwanda’. For the highway users the place has become so famous for the kind of business running there. At Nyirangarama you are welcomed to a variety of services ranging from restaurants, bars, shops, banks, and telecom services. For those that don’t know the essence of Nyirangarama, the name is not only

a brand or trade mark but the short for Nyirangarama Investments, a multi business enterprise whose man behind the wheel is the renowned self-styled business tycoon Sina Gerald. The celebrated business man is the founder and director of Nyirangarama investments. The business enterprise is a multifaceted cluster of commercial buildings that house Sina’s assorted business interests while a few of the premises are rented to services providers like banks, insurance and tele-com companies.Sina Gerald and his business empire have come a long way to what the world looks at today as success. It is evident that Sina is proud especially when he imagines how far he has come and the task that has been involved. He started business in 1993 selling ‘mandazi’ in a small road side shop until when he thought big and went into food processing.
Hard work backed by novelty A Nyirangarama invest met was registered in 1993 under the company name of ‘Enterprise Urwibutso’.
Sina has worked very hard and has built a very strong foundation which has prompted the growth of his business empire. His business interests are diverse spanning restaurants, supermarkets and

shops, bakeries, a juice and wine factory, a school and extensive land holdings. With these, Sina is envisioned to bringing in new innovations every year to

promote his products to take a big share of the international market. Having started practically with nothing, his rise to the top is a typical “rag to riches” story in Rwanda, but of course driven by being smart, hard work, persistence and dedication. Sina’s moving story makes him a model that encourages Rwandans that the opportunity in Rwanda’s agribusiness sector is a real fortune
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