Rwanda’s Authentic Clean-up Company, Doing it by Professionals

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VeryKleen limited is a professional cleaning and room and furniture brightening company that is now operative in Rwanda and is currently hastily building a reputation as a leading provider of commercial and residential cleaning solution in the country in just two months of operation.

According to Makabuza Rusenga Alexis the CEO of VeryKleen, the company is the only one in the East African region with exclusive rights to supply products of Kenbrand Internation Limited, a Kenya based company that produces best quality and high standard cleaning and detergent products.

VeryKleen solutions are designed to solve the mild to heavy dirt management problems that individuals, families and corporate organizations face. VeryKleen has opened doors for business to supply Kenbrand Internation Limited products in Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, DRC and Tanzania.
VeryKleen Ltd has a mission to become the number one rated professional cleaning firm with a positive mentality that a cleaner environment supports a healthier, more productive and profitable lifestyle, here to bring you thorough cleaning services with cleaning product brands that are meant to leave you happier and more satisfied.

“Our hands-on approach, coupled with our experience, our attention to details and the professionalism exhibited by management, employees and our commitment to customer satisfaction, sets us to the top. Our continuous pursuit of service perfection has resulted in consistent growth in just a few months of operation in Rwanda.” Makabuza Rusenga Alexis says.
Choosing VeryKleen for quality offers

Today, people in Rwanda are very much accustomed and attached to clean environments and this is reason why VeryKleen chooses to serve this community that has a marching mentality and mindset. “Kenbrand Internation Limited products that are supplied by us are a perfect quality that will always leave the customer smiling all the way wanting to buy more,” Makabuza Rusenga Alexis says.

“Our continuous pursuit of service perfection has resulted in consistent growth in just a few months of operation in Rwanda.” Makabuza Rusenga Alexis says.”

VeryKleen offers very excellent cleaning and laundry services perfectly done by experienced and well trained staff that is very keen about customer satisfaction and who understand the responsibility for the work they do.

VeryKleen has the capacity to cater for a wide variety of clientele ranging from small to large businesses to government agencies. “We solely focus on satisfying our clients by providing them with the specific cleaning services they require,” Makabuza Rusenga Alexis says.

Through innovation, new ideas and always focusing on ‘best practice principles’ we strive for even greater synergy with our Clients enabling us to continue to retain and grow our customer base.
Products andservices

(i) For your premises
Having a clean building and rooms is about making a great impression, creating an appealing environment for visitors and clients, and maintaining a productive environment for all that work in your premises. This will always start and end with us as we help you to free up your time so that you can do what you do best and leave the cleaning with us.

(ii) Office Cleaning
Whatever your business, organization or sector, we’ll adapt our cleaning services and products to match your needs. We will discuss your requirements, design the perfect office cleaning specification and deliver the very best service and materials in tune with best hygiene practices.

(iii) Floor Carpet and Upholstery
These are an expensive investment and are constantly receiving high wear on a daily basis. Therefore routine vacuuming and polishing needs to be supported by specialist periodical programs designed to both maintain and protect carpets and upholsteries in order to create the correct visual impression along with maintaining a healthy environment.

Going extra miles

At any one time, VeryKleen will always deliver products at your door step after bulk purchases.

It is the only company in Rwanda that will accept return of products and refund money to the customer that is not satisfied with the products delivered. “However, this unique offer has not worked yet since our customer instead come back for more,” Makabuza Rusenga Alexis says proudly.

Working withKenbrand Internation Limited, VeryKleen has the capacity to provide specific products on order or demand by a specific customer. It is all about getting your specification and in just one month Kenbrand Internation Limited will have produced the specific product that is not even on market and have it supplied by us.

In the future, VeryKleen Ltd plans to start producing and supplying materials that are used to clean airplanes and for this the company is proposing to Rwanda air to have a memorandum of understanding to clean its planes.

We are looking forward to working with you. Visit us just to say hello, it is the first step to our strong partnership.

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