Rwandan hoteliers to register all customers amid COVID-19

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The Rwanda Development Board Tuesday instructed all hospitality establishments in the country to start registering all their customers to facilitate contact tracing of COVID-19 cases in case necessity requires, according to a statement.

“In order to facilitate ongoing efforts to contain COVID-19, all hospitality establishments such as hotels, restaurants and coffee shops are hereby required to register all customers who visit their premises with immediate effect,” the statement said.

Registration shall include full names, full names, telephone numbers and district of residence, it said.

This information will be kept confidential and may only be used for contact tracing of COVID19 cases, should it be necessary, it added.

The Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) on Saturday issued strict guidelines to beauty saloons, instructing proprietors in the country to record details of their clients and check temperatures as part of government measures aimed to contain COVID-19 spread.

The Ministry of Health on Tuesday reported one new COVID-19 case bringing the total to 286 with 153 recoveries.

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