Rwandan cabinet ministers forfeit April salary amid COVID-19

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Rwandan cabinet ministers and other senior government officials have decided to forfeit their April salary to show solidarity with most affected Rwandans amid COVID-19 outbreak.

 “In the context of the fight against COVID-19 and in solidarity with the most affected Rwandans, the government of Rwanda has decided over and above ongoing social protection initiatives that all cabinet members, permanent secretaries, heads of public institutions and other senior officials shall forfeit one month’s salary [April],” a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office Sunday said.

It thanked Rwandans for their continued support and adherence to the measures announced by the government against COVID-19.

“Together we shall reign in this pandemic,” it said.

The Ministry of Health on Sunday reported two new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number to 104.

Earlier in the day the ministry had discharged four people who recovered from COVID-19, including three Rwandans and one Burundian national.

Cabinet last week extended a lockdown for two more weeks until April 19 in order to further contain the spread of the virus.

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