Rwanda to use robots in COVID-19 fight

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The Rwanda Biomedical Center announced Friday that it is set to use robots in treatment centers for COVID-19 in the country in order to minimize the risks of the virus spread.

“We are introducing the use of robots in the management of our
#COVID19 Treatment Centers to reduce transmission risks. Robots will
screen temperature, monitor status, keep medical records of patients,”
the Rwanda Biomedical Center said in a tweet.

According to the Minister of Health Dr Daniel Ngamije, the robots will serve as interface between a doctor and a patient thereby reducing human contact and risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

The ministry of health plans to use five imported robots, some of
which are already in the country that will be programmed and employed
at the beginning, he said.

The minister noted that the robots have been given Rwandan names including Urumuri, Icyizere, Akazuba, Ngabo and Mwiza.

Besides being used in coronavirus treatment centers the robots will
also be used in measuring temperatures in other public places such as
bus parks and entrance of shopping arcades, said Ngamije.

On Thursday the Rwandan Ministry of Health said COVID-19 confirmed
cases had reached 271 after three new cases were registered, with 133

The minister said the move is part of Rwanda’s efforts to employ technology to improve access to healthcare services.

In June 2016, Rwanda became the first country in the world to use drones developed by Zipline, a Silicon valley company, in blood delivery services to health facilities, which reduced the time used by ambulances from over four hours to just 15 minutes from a blood bank to a health facility.

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