Rwanda marks Thanks Giving Day at family levels due to COVID-19

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Rwandans on Friday marked the country’s annual national “Thanks Giving Day” festival locally known as “Umuganura” in their respective homes due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Marked under the theme, “Umuganura: A source of unity and foundation of self-reliance,” the celebrations wrapped up a week of various discussions about Rwanda’s traditional culture done through different media platforms.

Umuganura should be celebrated through sharing of achievements while committing to safeguard them, and even double these achievements, Rwandan Minister of Youth and Culture Rosemary Mbabazi said on Rwanda Television talk show organized in line with the celebrations.

The minister urged Rwandan parents to teach children the local language Kinyarwanda, as part of their culture.

She challenged the country’s youth to embrace work for personal and national prosperity.

She also urged economically well off families to share with their poor neighbors, and work toward national unity.

Previously, the celebrations featured traditional performances, serving of milk to children and sharing of traditional foods at village gatherings across the country.

Traditionally, the Thanks Giving Day was a cultural event marked by Rwandans at the onset of every harvest season, to celebrate achievements in terms of crop harvests both at the kingdom and family level.

But currently the celebration is no longer about crop harvest alone but encompasses achievements in various aspects such as agriculture, health, education, industry among others, according to Mbabazi.

Umuganura is celebrated annually on every first Friday of the month of August and it is a public holiday in Rwanda. 

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