Newly commissioned Buffett-funded solar-powered irrigation project benefits more than 2000 farmers

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President Paul Kagame Wednesday inaugurated a solar-powered irrigation project funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation at Nasho in eastern Rwanda’s Kirehe district.

The project includes pivot irrigation systems serving 2099 small scale farmers, a 3.3 Mw solar power plant and model village of 144 houses.

The Howard Buffet Foundation has been very central in helping us drive this spirit of achievement, success and transformation of the lives of Rwandans and the country as a whole, Kagame said at the ceremony.

“I am very glad that we are witnessing a scheme like this one, which has improved the lives of so many to the level many people could not have achieved in such a short time.”

President Kagame, Agriculture minister Geraldine Mukeshimana and Howard Buffet in Nasho, Kirehe district on March 11,2020. (Courtesy)

He noted that moving from production of 3 tonnes per hectare to nearly 10 is a symbol of what is possible that everyone can do, a spirit he said characterizes what Rwanda has been doing or want to do.

Expressing hope that things would get better and better the President thanked everybody taking part in the scheme for demonstrating what Rwanda can achieve and how far it can go.

“Agriculture and conservation have come together to make a big difference for so many lives, not just benefitting by receiving handouts, but receiving best practices,” said Kagame.

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