Musician Kizito Mihigo commits suicide in cell: Police

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Musician Kizito Mihigo who was released under the presidential prerogative of mercy in 2018, but re-arrested last week on separate charges, committed suicide, Rwanda National Police said Monday.

Mihigo, a popular musician was sentenced 10 years in 2015 by the High Court in Kigali after being found guilty of conspiracy to overthrow the government and conspiracy to form alliance with forces bent on destabilizing Kigali government.

Kizito Mihigo, 38, was found dead at around 5 am Rwandan time after committing suicide at Remera Police station where he was being held, police said in a statement.

The deceased was detained three days ago on charges of crossing the country’s border illegally and corruption, the statement said, adding that investigations were underway to discover why Mihigo committed suicide.

Media reports indicated Mihigo was arrested while trying to flee to neighboring Burundi.

President Paul Kagame had pardoned Mihigo along with Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire under the presidential prerogative of mercy following their applications for clemency.

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