Jack Ma, Alibaba launch handbook with coronavirus prevention tips from China

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The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation have launched a handbook to facilitate sharing of key lessons and experience from doctors and other medical administrators and staff who were at the frontline of COVID-19 treatment in China,crucial to slowing the disease spread.

The handbook now available in seven languages: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Turkish contain experiences of medics from the first Chinese affiliated hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (FAHZU).

In the form of a digital handbook, the medical administrators and staff cover and share globally what they’ve learned every step of the way, from screening, to diagnosis and treatment of patients who contracted COVID-19.

All versions of the handbook can be downloaded from Covid-19.AlibabaCloud.com.

Over a 50-day period, FAHZU admitted 104 patients confirmed ill with COVID-19, including 78 critically ill patients.

Through pioneering efforts of medical staff and investment in new technologies, FAHZU has so far made it through the public health crisis without a single medical staff infection, missed diagnosis or patient death.

The Chinese and English versions of the handbook were viewed 1.4 million times within the first five days of publication.

 It is hoped that medical administrators and staff around the world would find the handbook helpful and useful in treating COVID-19 patients, according to a statement.

The handbook is designed for medical experts around the world to communicate seamlessly with each other to share their invaluable experience of fighting coronavirus disease and to ask and answer each other’s questions, it said.

“Knowledge is power! We launched an online platform for doctors and nurses around the world to exchange ideas, lessons and know-how to fight the virus. We welcome all hospitals to join Chinese hospitals on this open platform Covid-19.AlibabaCloud.com. One world, one fight!,” Jack Ma said in a tweet on Wednesday.

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