EAC private sector devise common COVID-19 response strategy

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The National Private Sector Apex Body Associations in the East African Community (EAC) have come up with a common post COVID-19 recovery strategy for the region with a focus on intra-EAC trade and investments.

The private sector agreed to collaborate closely with the government to combat COVID-19 pandemic, ensure borders remain fully operational and facilitate the free movement of goods and services across the EA, a statement said, following an online meeting that focused on the preparedness and response measures against the outbreak of COVID-19 held on Thursday.

Participants of the meeting included the Chief Executive Officers of National Private Sector Apex Body Associations in the EAC region.

According to the statement, the EAC Partner States need to replicate and learn best practices from each other towards compacting the pandemic.
It recommended regular meetings by the EAC Council of Ministers for information sharing and collaboration.

The meeting also called on the EAC Partner State to regulate recurrent expenditures and focus on increasing budgetary allocation on health, social services and food security.

It noted more funding should go towards the recruitment of health personnel to support in combating the COVID-19 scourge.

In their resolutions, it was also noted that Private Sector Associations would collaborate and share information on the short term and long term impact of COVID-19 to inform the business post recovery strategy.

Latest figures showed that the COVID-19 pandemic had infected 28 people in Kenya, 50 in Rwanda, 12 in Tanzania and18 in Uganda as of March 27.

The EAC region has reported four cases of recovered patients and no reported cases of infection in South Sudan and Burundi.

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