Dr Besigye: “Bobi Wine cannot defeat Museveni.

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Former FDC president, Dr Kizza Besigye has said much as he respects Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his newfound energy, the Kyadondo East legislator should not be misled to think that under the current political circumstances, he will defeat President Museveni.

In an interview with The Nile Post at his Katonga Road based office, Besigye said “he has talked to Bobi Wine and impressed upon him the fact that the current struggle is not to reove Museveni but to first rescue the country and empower the people.

“I talk to Bobi Wine. Like I said, I have no political enemy. Even Museveni, I do not regard him as my enemy although for him he thinks I am his enemy. I respect Bobi Wine because has come out to take part in the struggle to liberate the country. I thank him for that because there are people who have been saying that ‘Besigye should leave”, he had done nothing. But these people do not want to take part in the struggle,” Besigye said.

He added: “The only mistake he can make is to think that he will go into a presidential election and people will elect him to remove Museveni. I know there are people trying to urge him to stand. They tell him you have support here and there. Others want to ride on his popularity to become councillors…etc. All freedom fighters should come out and join the struggle. The biggest struggle today is not to find a president but to find a way to rescue this country.”

Bobi Wine’s rising political popularity has recently been the subject of debate on social media and mainstream media.

After his prominent role in the victory of Asuman Basalirwa, the JEEMA president in the Bugiri Municipality polls, some analysts said he could replace Dr Besigye as the dominant opposition figure.

Yet there are those who have constantly warned that he is not yet ready for the national stage and at best, he can be a mobiliser.

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