Courts proceedings suspended over COVID-19

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Court proceedings have been suspended for two weeks effective Monday countrywide as a precautionary measure to curb coronavirus spread.

The decision affects case hearings and related services, according to a statement by Rwandan judiciary spokesperson Harrison Mutabazi.

Citizens have been encouraged to use Integrated Electronic Case Management System currently used by citizens to report cases online.

Other people seeking other court services from relevant judiciary authorities have been advised to use toll free line 3670 and online portal Dubbed Sobanuza Inkiko in Kinyarwanda, (S-inkiko), system which help the public to send messages via internet portal .

The statement said the decision was in line with government guidelines on curbing coronavirus spread.

Rwanda on Saturday announced suspension of places of worship and education institutions for two weeks following the confirmation of the first case of COVID-19 in the country.

Earlier on Saturday, Rwanda confirmed an imported case, an Indian national from Mumbai who arrived in the country on Sunday without symptoms but later tested positive on Friday.

In a related development Rwanda Correctional Services has suspended inmates visits for 21 days to curb coronavirus spread in 13 correction centers across the country.

Inmates with ongoing cases will also not be taken to courts during the same period.

 There are more than 70,000 inmates in Rwandan prisons.

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